About us

Cítrics el Plà is a family business created in 2005 by the third generation of farmers from an old Valencian family.

The company is located in the small district of El Plà, a protected natural area sheltered by the Mondúver massif. A small valley with a special microclimate for growing different varieties of citrus and Mediterranean species. All this thanks to the abundance of water filtered naturally by the rocks.

Our values

We have always been interested in our environment, the varieties in our area and how it was grown in the past. So when we had the opportunity to create our company, we bet on the transition from conventional to organic farming. A transition that took us 5 years but thanks to our passion and dedication we were able to achieve.

For more than a decade we have been growing under the rules of organic farming, which guarantees respect and care for the environment. But not only that, betting on the environment is also promoting rural development, the social and local economy.

Our objective is linked to sustainability, that is, to produce without wasting unnecessary energy, without abusing the finite resources of the earth and without negative environmental impacts that affect the biodiversity of the area. Recycling plant nutrients, protecting the soil from erosion and thus conserving its water.

Our products

We offer various food products, among which we highlight different varieties of fresh and seasonal citrus fruits, as well as extra virgin olive oil and our artisan jams, which have been awarded internationally.

We also have a range of cosmetic products with raw materials from the area, with pure products that transport us to the origin. Our natural cosmetics are developed based on the active principles of citrus, fruit and aromatic varieties, hence our essential and vegetable oils.

Our organic production is controlled by the COMMITTEE OF ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE OF THE VALENCIAN COMMUNITY (CAECV) nº CV-3702 – PV as well as our vegetable and essential oils with nºCV-5848-E and RGSEAA nº40.072525 / V.