The family company Cítrics El Pla was established in 2005 by the younger members of an ancient valencian family, always dedicated to farm inherited from our ancestors, with the aim of offering freshly picked oranges from the farmer to the consumer without any intermediaries .

Fair Trade is where you leave benefited as smell and taste of the product and we get the benefit of better care for the environment, since from the early bet for converting crops to organic farming standards.

In 2008, in order to expand our offerings and help farmers in the area, we incorporate a selection of extra virgin olive oilsof Valencia, of which some of them have achieved and continue to achieve awards for their quality.

Subsequently, we expanded our product range whose base is organic extra virgin olive oil mixed with organic citrus essential oils and so we took our natural cosmetics.

Our knowledge of the environment and being at the crossroads of both interior regions of the coast also allows us to cultivate other native varieties such as almonds, olives, herbs...

Where we are

We are in Xativa (Valencia-Spain) region of La Costera and orchard are located next to the small village of El PLA, aprotected natural site on the border of three counties: La Costera, La Safor  and Vall de Albaida. We are in a small valley sheltered Montduver massif, providing a special microclimate and an abundance of water filtered naturally by the rock, which is used for irrigation.

We offer


FRESH PRODUCTS, direct from the field, with all their freshness and picked at the optimum time of maduration without being stored or handled after harvesting.

The nutritional value of any product diminishes with the passing of time and management of food. ( Subsequently, during packing, the level of antioxidants is also reduced). Therefore, the freshness of a food is one of the most important attributes in order that a product has an authentic flavour that assures its singularity.

SEASONAL PRODUCTS, In order that a product will be fresh it is essential that it is in season, respecting the natural cycle of nature.

Significant sustainability to produce food without wasting unnecessarily energy or the finite resources of the land and without producing a negative environmental impact which affects the biodiversity of the area but recycles the nutrients of the plants and protects the erosion of the soil therefore also conserving water. This process is contrary with the devastation that industrial agricultural methods are causing.

They are products of our area, products linked to an identifiable land, products of differentiated quality carries of wholesome flavours. Products that link us to a land a relationship with an environment that has endured across the rest of time. Definitively, products which will help to recharge a social economy mistrected by the passing of time.
Opposite to the culture of industrial farming and fast food, the fresh and seasonal products offer the authentic flavours product originality that makes each one unique. Only these products are able to have more nutrients because there is less time of waiting between the seller and the buyer. But also the consumption of these products minimises the impact of CO2 in the atmosphere.


Organic food is more wholesome, safe and healthy, because the method of production where there is no use of chemical fertilisers, nor pesticides, herbicides, hormones nor genetically modified organisms.

But also they are safer because all this method of production is endorsed ( guaranteed ) by an official organisation that controls it. Only the inspection, control and certification of the products by the Organic Agriculture is an essential and indispensable phase to assure the consumer acquires ( receives ) a product organically guaranteed. Our organic production is controlled by the COMMITTEE OF ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE OF THE VALENCIAN COMMUNITY ( CAECV ) Nº CV-3702-PV.