What are loyalty points?

citricselpla.es loyalty points born with the aim to reward the trust of our customers. Therefore, we created a program that rewards the purchase in our online store.

How do I get it?

In a simple way to do your shopping online in citricselpla.es go getting loyalty points you will become discount vouchers once delivered the order and will be used for the next purchase you make. Thus, purchases will get cheaper.
For each 1 € of purchase you make will get a loyalty point which translates into a voucher of € 0.05.

Do not get loyalty points for products in discount or returned orders.

Redeeming the discount vouchers?

To redeem loyalty points before confirming your order, you must go to "My Account", "My loyalty points" and click on the "Transform my points into a voucher of", so will appear in the bottom code. To use this voucher you must go to "My Cart" and put the previously generated code in the "Vouchers".
Vouchers have a duration of one year and are always to the registrant.

Discount vouchers can not be exchanged for cash.